Social media is a system for sharing info among networks and Instagram has made its reputation in the industry. Instagram stories is among the features of Instagram where users can publish their adventures or remarkable events. Users of this system don't like this problem of unavailability of published Instagram stories immediately after 24 hours had passed. As the site does not provide the choice to save your stories, you are at risk of losing all of your cherished memories. Great thing is, there's a technique of saving those videos. Listed below are several tips about how to download Instagram stories.

Have a Copy of your Instagram Stories you did for the entire Day
Stick to the guide presented here so you can save the Instagram story video you created for the entire day. You can then playback it for future functions. As announced, the video is not individually saved according to the photo stories posted. Yes, it may take the time to view the part you would like to see as you need to see the very first other clips. Getting this copy is still much better compared to not having it.

To get the ball rolling, first head to the “Your Story” icon in the top left corner of your feed. Right after clicking that icon, Three small dots can be found. Tap it to find out several choices. There are choices available. Select the “Save” option and simply click “Save Story” afterward. It might take time for the page to complete rendering your own video, however once that is done it will show up for you in your Camera Roll ..

Download Instagram Stories One at a time
The previous procedure above is still required here. Bear in mind the Save option part? This is exactly what we'll utilize to download individual clips of your Instagram stories rather than complete recording. The process is largely the opposite of the previous one, but it's not harder. On the Save button options, select Save Video, not the Save Story option. This will enable you to focus on just one moment or picture rather than saving the whole day. And once again, once you are done you'll find your moment in both your gallery and camera.

Download Stories from Other Instagram Users
It's rather easy to download stories from other accounts as long as you rely on a third-party site. Most of these even have similarities on how the way they work. It all rely on you which sites you are comfortable with. Explanation of why you desired to download Instagram stories from different users is none of our concerns any longer.

Here's How To Download Using A Third Party Website
First, copy either the username or profile link. These sites may differ in its requirements. Therefore, better check them out before starting. Soon after offering the required info, you may select the story you wished to download. You will see a “Save” option. Tap it and you are all set. Simply pick a destination and hit “save” once again.